Reality Creeps Forward at Its Petty Pace


John Durham, whatever else he accomplishes (or fails to accomplish), has at least exposed the truth behind the Trump-Russia fable. It was a hoax perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and a gang of miscreants at the FBI and CIA, with the all-to-willing assistance of the media, and undoubtedly with the knowledge and blessing of Barack Obama. (Obama couldn’t have been out of the loop given the involvement of the FBI director, the director of the CIA, and the director of National Intelligence.)

Now comes another nail in the coffin in the myth that there was no widespread fraud in the election of 2020. Those Dominion voting machine were hackable after all.

Some day, assuming that the left doesn’t succeed in its effort to stamp out all dissent, this truth will be told in history books: Trump was framed, hounded, hamstrung, and then robbed of re-election.

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