A Note to Followers


If you’re a new follower of this blog, you probably missed the final post on November 12, 2016. Here it is:

I started this blog in February. I meant it to be different from Politics & Prosperity, which I intended to discontinue. The Cheerful Crosspatch began with (mostly) short posts, which were bereft of graphs and equations, and generally lighter in tone that the usual fare at Politics & Prosperity.

Then, reality intervened in the form of low readership. P&P has been around since 2009, and much of its following dates back to its predecessor, Liberty Corner, which I began in 2004. By early 2016, with millions (?) of blogs to choose from, an upstart like The Cheerful Crosspatch was lost in the weeds. Some faithful readers of P&P followed me here, and it has picked up 18 followers, to whom I’m grateful for their readership and comments.

But the dearth of readership here led me to resume posting at P&P. And the next thing I knew, I was back in the groove — writing a lot of long, researched posts with graphs and equations. And even the posts that aren’t filled with graphs and equations tend to be long and tightly reasoned (I hope).

With the resumption of posting at P&P, I simply began to cross-post everything at this blog. But cross-posting is time consuming, especially when I find an error or omission at P&P and have to correct it in two places.

Long story short: I will no longer post at The Cheerful Crosspatch. If you like this blog, you’ll like Politics & Prosperity. Please become a follower of P&P, add it to your RSS reader, or bookmark it. And stay in touch by commenting on the fare at P&P. You can do that in the usual way by commenting on a post, or by e-mail at the address given in the sidebar of P&P under “Comments & Correspondence.”

Thank you for reading this blog.



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