Xenophobic Nativism


It’s rampant on college campuses, which are dominated by liberals who scorn Brexit’s “leave” voters as xenophobic, nativist rubes. For example, liberal professors outnumber conservatives 28-to-1 in New England. That’s no accident. And it isn’t the only non-accident in academe. See this, this, and this. (All are dated, which probably means that they understate left-wing control of most campuses and disciplines.)

Oh, there is a semi-bright spot, but it still leans left.


2 thoughts on “Xenophobic Nativism

    • I’ve been following the RSS feed of the Heterodox Academy for a few weeks. It’s a star-studded group (e.g., Judith Curry, James Flynn, Jonathan Haidt, Dan Klein, Steven Pinker, and Vernon Smith). I certainly hope that they have some influence. And if anyone could, it would be group like that. But the left is so well-entrenched and so insular that it will take drastic measures to change the political complexion of the academy. If I were in charge, I would begin by drastically cutting the state funding of the so-called liberal arts, where most of the leftists reside and where the most idiotic, psuedo-profound bullshit is produced.

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