Apropos Orlando


See my post of August 5, 2010: “The Next 9/11?


2 thoughts on “Apropos Orlando

  1. igpres

    I don’t see much hopefulness in Oakeshott’s viewpoint, at least not for restraining the progressives. The “do-gooders” genuinely believe that they are victims, and that the “system” is controlled by the oligarchy. The masses will always respond to that; how could they not? Who wants a leader who believes in “restraint”? Oakeshott seems the ultimate elitist, one who fondly remembers the British caste system as “guiding” the lower classes. His viewpoint has a built-in corruption that offers no hope for a true conservatism.


    • I wonder why your comment is attached to “Apropos Orlando” when it’s about a different post: “The Authoritariansim of Modern Liberalism, and the Conservative Antidote.” The disconnect is consistent with the breathless tone of your comment. What does it matter what the do-gooders believe, as long as they are prevented from messing about with the lives and liberty of others? That’s precisely why leaders should show restraint, and impose it on government in accordance with the Constitution’s original design. That’s true conservatism. I have a feeling that your version of “true conservatism” is the inchoate statism of Donald Trump. Correct me if I’m wrong, and explain your version of “true conservatism.”


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