Unwatchable Movies on the Rise


I’ve explained my movie-rating scale here. The lowest rating (on a 1-10 scale) is a 1, which means that I found it unwatchable. But I watched enough of it to form an opinion of it. Why abandon a film after 5-15 minutes of viewing? Here are some of the reasons: trite, pompous, or boring dialogue; leaden satire; blatantly leftist political propaganda; juvenalia aimed at teenyboppers and twenty-somethings; and cringeworthy acting.

I’ve assigned a rating of 1 to 56 of the 2,121 feature films that I recall having seen. Here’s the list of titles, with year of release and average rating given by users at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB):

Unwatchable movies_list

If you strongly disagree with me about one or more of these movies, let me know. In any event, the frequency of movies that I find unwatchable is on the rise:

Unwatchable movies_graph

That’s consistent with the downward trend in the quality of films, as I see it:

Movie ratings_annual and overall

What about the recent upward trend in ratings assigned by IMDb users? As I say here:

  • IMDb users, on the whole, have overrated films released from the early 1940s to about 1980, and from the late 1990s to the present. The ratings for films released in the latter period undoubtedly reflect the dominance of younger viewers who “grew up” with IMDb, who prefer novelty to quality, and who have little familiarity with earlier films. On the other hand, I have rated 852 films that were released in 1996-2014, and 1,248 films from 1920-1995 [now 868 films from 1996-2015 and 1,253 from 1920-1995].
  • My ratings, based on long experience and exacting standards, indicate that movies not only are not better than ever, they are generally getting worse as the years roll on.

How exacting are my standards? Hundreds of thousands of IMDb users give higher ratings to the films I choose to watch than to films in general:

Ratings of films ive seen vs ratings of all films
Note: “All films” represents 65,290 films designated by IMDb as “English-language,” of which I have seen 2,200. (I have seen 2,424 but IMDb lists only 2,200 of them.)

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